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Physiotherapy of the Upper Extremities

What kind of sessions should I take?

The type of sessions to take will be described in the first appointment, depending on the treatment goals.
If you are already a patient of the center, the therapeutic plan can change every month, either for taking different session types or having another frequency to receive them.

How ofthen do I need to come for the treatment?

The frequency of the appointments varies for each injury and its state of evolution.
We want to adjust it along with the patient’s requirements, although we always want to make sure we all get good treatment results.

Could I start my treatment even when having my surgery stitches on?

Yes. It is crucial to start the treatment as soon as the doctor indicates it.
If we need to know any special considerations about the surgery, we will know it either by reading the surgery report or by contacting directly the surgeon or by having assisted the surgery personally ourselves.

How do Active Work sessions work?

They are sessions with guided exercises by the physiotherapist: starting with a warm-up altogether and then a circuit to complete for each patient.
The exercise room is organized by different areas. Each of them has a sort of tool which determines the type of exercise to train. All patients keep rotating through the different areas in order to work the injury in different scenarios.

How to come ready for a groupal session?

You need to come in comfortable clothing and aiming to move and work.
There will be different goals to achieve in each session, so the intensity of the exercises will vary depending on them.

When should the session be paid?

All sessions should be paid in advance, but the first appointment. The therapeutic plan will keep evolving monthly, so the sessions need to be paid the last day of consuming the current month’s sessions.
This “in advance payment” will be applied whether there are a few sessions planned for the month, but also if there are several weekly visits.

When can I cancel an appointment?

Cancelations should be done a minimum of two working days before the session. For example, we could cancel on Thursday the Monday’s session.
There are no refunds, however, the payment will be transferred to a new appointment within the same month of treatment.
If cancelations are done the day before or on the same day, we would not be able to transfer this payment into a new appointment.

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