Clínica Glena

Physiotherapy of the Upper Extremities

Session Types


Where we assess the current injury or condition, so we can start the treatment. This visit allows us to design a specific therapeutic plan for each patient.

This plan will contain different types of sessions, combining the next two types of work.

Individual Session
Passive Work

  • Different session durations as needed
  • Passive techniques to improve the state of the locomotor system: massage, stretching, dry needling

Group Session
Active Work

  • Reduced groups with the guidance of the physiotherapist
  • Room organized in different areas with specific tools depending on the type of exercise to train
  • Exercise plans either to continue at home or to practice at the centre during the week.

Specific treatment for each injury


First Appointment 60min70€
Individual session 50min60€
Group session 50min10€
Pack 1
4 weekly individual sessions to receive in 4 weeks
Pack 2
4 weekly individual + 4 group sessions to receive in 4 weeks

In order to book your appointment with us, you can either call or text us at this phone number
(+34) 722 19 11 45

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