Clínica Glena

Physiotherapy of the Upper Extremities

Specialized Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy for Shoulder

Stability, Stiffness or Pain in Shoulder
Immediate Postoperative

Elbow Physiotherapy

Stiff or Painful Elbow
Immediate Postoperative

The upper limb is the main tool in our daily activities

The arm is a widely versatile part of our body, so it can get limiting in many different ways depending on its injury.

Shoulder and elbow: the link between hand and body. They give precision and strength to the activity we do.

We believe in specialisation in this body area to be able to provide a good and specific rehabilitation.

Prevention is part of the treatment. We all need an efficient design of our movement.

About Clínica Glena


Clínica Glena is a space for Active Rehabilitation and Individualised Treatment in Physiotherapy specialised in upper extremity injuries.

To receive specialised therapy, it is always needed coordination between patient-doctor-physiotherapist.

This communication allows us to offer a specific treatment in our centre depending on the injury, surgery and activity of the patient.

Clínica Glena is created out of the need of a specialised rehabilitation space, designed as a tool for the patients and other professionals to use and learn about the upper extremity conditions.

About “Glena”

“Glena” is an anatomical reference (Glenoid).
It is where the upper limb starts: the joint surface of the scapula, where the humerus articulates.

Learning about the anatomy and mechanics of the arm, we can understand better the injury and its consequences in our activities.

Both, the patient and the professional, need to fully understand the mechanical repercussions of the injury.

The rehabilitation can be more efficient, by knowing the functionality of the affected structures.

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